My Coaching Philosophy
I have over a decade of competing and learning in the sport of Ironman. During half of that time

I worked with, and picked the minds of some of the best coaches in the business. For the other

half I self-coached which enabled me to experiment and really come to understand the very

best way to train for the Ironman distance. I have also done a wealth of reading over the years.

I now have a very clear understanding of what it takes to succeed in the sport. I am however a

big believer that there is not one way to coach every athlete. We are all highly individual in how

much volume and intensity we can handle, and often it very much depends on your schedule

outside of the sport. This is why a coach is such a good guide for most people, to enable a plan

that is balanced in the specifics as well as recovery and when and where to put in the higher

volume and intensity. I am a big believer in making training highly specific and not wasting time

on the junk miles which is not going to enhance your performance but only add to fatigue. I am

not a believer of long, slow, base miles. I only believe this leads to you teaching your body to go

one speed and that is slow, and then when you try and add in intensity later it is very hard to do

so. I like to teach the body to start to handle short burst of speed early in the season and

become more and more specific with the intervals as we progress towards your race. I am also

very big on developing strength. I like my athletes to work on a Functional Strength Programme

that I believe helps avoid injury, and helps maintain good form and posture. I also have a range

of different recovery strategies that are highly important for an athlete to focus on if they want

to really reach their potential. To find out more please contact me via the contact page.